KO 44


Further KO 44 this TV show tells the internal and external struggle of Osman Ghazi, how he founded the Ottoman Empire and how he defeated it. It describes the struggle of Byzantium and Ilhanli against the Mongols, and how they gained independence from the Roman Empire. Moreover which opposed the Byzantine and Mongol empires and respected the Turks.

Further KO 44 the character Osman Ghazi confronts many enemies and traitors in his struggle and is told how he overcomes. Therefore these obstacles and accomplishes his mission with the help of his loyal companions, family, and friends.

Review Episode 43:

Further in Episode 43, Bala Hatun says that she wants to serve the community and asks Osman Bey for permission to work. Bala Hatun then tells Osman Bey that he wants to find a new wife. Let Osman Bala do that. The angels arrived at Lord Nikola’s request. Moreover Yavlak Arsalan congratulates Osman on his meeting and his work. Osman asked about the preparations for war. Yavlak Arsalan says young soldiers are getting ready, but they don’t have that much strength.

Osman Elite plans to attack

Further Osman Elite plans to attack the best Mongol forces by forming a unit of troops. When he arrives in Salt, he explains that Nikola was trying to get the lords together and start a new crusade. Nikola starts talking to the kings and tells them that he will fight the Turks to death. At Osman’s request, Eagle hoisted a new flag. Osman asks the Alps to enter Inegol and tells them that he wants to go there and do whatever he can.

Boran Alp

Kurulus Osman Episode 44 the Alps enters Inegol and starts singing with the soldiers in the castle. Folk loves musicians. Boran Alp then secretly meets the spy in the palace and learns that night. Bayhoca spoke secretly again. Boran Alp gets angry at first, but it has nothing to do with it anymore. As Catholic merchants talk about learning Bamsi’s secrets, Dundar arrives and asks for supplies. Traders give gold to Dundar to get his support. Dundar accepted the gold despite his doubts. Bayhoca realized her mistake and apologized to the Alps. While Boran Alp was consoling Bayhoca, a spy came to the palace and told him that he was the owner.

Boran Alp tells Bayhoca

Boran Alp tells Bayhoca to stay in the room and take action to get into the rulers’ chamber. Bala Hatun tells Gonca Hatun that he will control Aksu tonight. The Alps kill the guards in the corridor and enter the Lord’s Chamber, but it is a trap for the Byzantine soldiers. The Alps escaped with a poisoned knife. Nikola later arrived and ordered that the Alps be brought to the basement. Meanwhile, Osman Bey and some Alps are preparing to kill Nikola.

Osman Bey changed his plan

The detective revealed that the Alps had been captured, and Osman Bey changed his plan to save the Alps. In the palace, a spy shows Osman a secret passage. Osman Bey reached this secret route and attacked the Byzantine troops who were attacking the Turks. Osman rescues the Alps and asks how they were captured. Boran Alp says he does not know how he was caught and is hungry in the palace.

Flatyos catches Bayhoca

In Episode 43, Flatyos catches Bayhoca and brings him to Nikolas’ room. Although Nikola doesn’t know who Bayhoca is, she realizes he’s close to Osman. Helen came upstairs and told him that Bayhoca’s carelessness had caught up with the Alps. Bayhoca can’t get more than that and tells him that revenge will be taken from his uncle Osman. Osman learns that Bayhoca has been captured and is hiding in front of the palace along the Alps.

Flatyos right away

A soldier says Osman Bey found the Alps in the basement. Flatyos right away. He took action to catch Osman Bey. Lena is very angry with her son and asks questions. Osman Bey turned to the field and called Savci. Lena arrives at Savci and Osman’s camp and asks her son what happened. Lena is very angry and crying. Here is Nikola’s news. Nikola asked Kulucahisar instead of Bayhoca. Osman Bey says he will not spare Bayhoca.


Moreover Goktug and Targun were expelled from the camp by the decision of Osman Bey, in retaliation allied with Byzantium and joined Flatyos and his forces. Dander Bey went to Inegol Castle to meet Nikola again, but in desperation, Lena asked Flatyos to help Bayhoca return. The rescue operation was costly. Under pressure from all fronts, Osman Bey devised an excellent strategy to shoot Nikola from an unexpected location.

Kulucahisar Castle

Did Osman Bey hand over Kulucahisar Castle in exchange for Bayhoca? How will the prosecution save his son? What kind of promise will Nikola Dander Bey make? What is the purpose of Goktug and Targun? What will be the outcome of Lena Hatun’s request for help from Flatyos? How is Bala Hatun’s new wife being tested on Osman Bey?

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