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Kurulus Osman Episode 42 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 42 now, when Osman has become the sardar of the IYI tribe, we can observe that he has become more conscious about the tribe and thinks about the whole tribe with a protective view.


Osman and Bamsi

The 41st episode of Kurulus Osman season 2 started with conversation of David and the Christian Pope. They wanted to follow Osman and Bamsi to know what secret does Bamsi hide.

Bamsi Bey

Kurulus Osman Episode 42 bala Hatun, being the head lady of the IYI tribe, addressed the hatuns of the tribe and motivated them by sharing the future goals of their new head. Osman expressed to Bamsi that he wanted to lay down the basis of the greatest empire of the world. Bamsi Bey advised him about this.
Falyatus ran from IYI and met Nikola who told him about his alliance with the Pope. Also, he praised the strategies of Pope as well. They aim to hurt the turks to their maximum.

Savci and Dundar Bey

On the other hand, Savci and Dundar Bey were questioning Osman about the escape of Nikola, when Bala hatun entered with steps. Osman interprets that Targun Khatun poisoned her, therefore he asks Aygul to arrest her.
Adding more action to the happenings, the Chritians attack Bamsi Bey who fought bravely and lifted many of them to death.

Bala Hatun

Osman was talking to Bala Hatun when David Ustad told him about Dundar Bey, who went to meet Nikola without Osman’s permission. Nikola offered Dundar to give them Kuluchaisar back so they could both win in their win their mutual goal of defeating Osman.
Kurulus Osman Episode 42 osman was getting angry on Boran when Aygul took Targun Khatun in front of him. Targun admitted that she poisoned Bala Hatun.

Dundar Bey

Dundar confronted that he met Nikola but said that it was a trap for Nikola. Osman did not believe his uncle and was about to choke him when alp talked about the arrival of Bamsi Bey. Osman rushed to see him when he came to know Bamsi was injured. Bamsi and Osman highlighted that there is some old enemy. Behind this ambush who needed to be discovered.

IYI Tribe

Moreover pope entered the IYI tribe as a merchant. They offered Osman to trade with them. Besides these, Dundar vowed that he would take over the leadership of the IYI tribe no matter what. Osman invited his family to dinner to discuss future targets. Osman again and again focused on establishment of an independent state. Osman said that he wanted to conquer Anagol Castle.
Nikola met the Pope. Falyatus attacked Sardar Hassan.

Sogut for Jirga

Further he took his son to Sogut where they would make a deal with Osman. Plus,Osman came to Sogut for Jirga. He also met Yavluk Arslan who mentioned that he was waiting for Geyhatu. This cruel attack left everyone shocked with grief. Osman affirmed with thunder in his sound that he would be the death of every enemy of the Turks.

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